Mix, Produce, Perform, Repeat: Nitish Kulkarni (M.M. ‘16) | Berklee Valencia Campus

Mix, Produce, Perform, Repeat: Nitish Kulkarni (M.M. ‘16)

student of Berklee Valencia

Though his musical career began with tabla playing, Nitish Kulkarni (M.M. ’16) has expanded his skill set to percussion, keyboard, arranging, production, and engineering. In addition to his day job as a music technology consultant and sales engineer at Sweetwater Sound, he continues to produce and perform on recordings with other artists. We spoke with Kulkarni about his background in music performance and production, his time at Berklee Valencia, and his current projects.

How did you become interested in the work you do now?
I was always interested in music production. Like most of us, I started by recording myself on basic audio recorders with whatever software was available on my family's computer when I was growing up. Later on, I got more involved with DAWs like Logic and Pro Tools throughout college. As for performance, I was involved with music performance in the Indian music scene in the United States from a very young age. I began performing on the Indian tabla drums professionally around age 13 or 14, if memory serves me correctly. Over the years, I've also played the role of keyboardist, music arranger, and director/producer for several shows.

Tell us about your experience in the Master of Music in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation program at Berklee Valencia.
Berklee Valencia was a dream come true. I finally had the chance to do everything I had always wanted to do but had been distracted from by prior schooling or other commitments. Something I had missed when pursuing my undergraduate degree was being around other people who were pursuing music with the same passion and intensity as I wanted to, and I found that community at Berklee. Having the chance to collaborate with truly world-class musicians was all I had wanted, so I was in heaven at Berklee.

Tell us a bit about the work you do now at Sweetwater.
I'm a Sales Engineer at Sweetwater, which means I work one-on-one with my database of clients and help them with purchasing the products they need for their music rigs. This means acting as a consultant and salesperson. I work with a variety of clients, from individual and hobbyist musicians to professional studios, touring companies, and even celebrities. It's a very dynamic job that requires keeping up with the latest trends in the music industry and the newest technologies that are emerging in the marketplace.

How did your time at Berklee Valencia prepare you for your current job?
I wasn't necessarily preparing for a career as a music technology consultant and sales engineer at a place like Sweetwater, but Berklee thoroughly prepared me for it. A critical aspect of being an effective consultant and salesperson is having a thorough and deep knowledge of essential music technology concepts, such as studio signal flow and microphone techniques. Whether it is designing a MIDI-based composer setup or setting a tracking facility with all the gear they'll need, having been hands-on with all the gear at Berklee certainly helps me at Sweetwater.

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