Q&A with Mayur Jumani, Producer and Composer

Mayur Jumani graduated from the Master of Music in Music Production, technology, and Innovation in 2016. Photo courtesy of Jumani.

Berklee shaped my music and made me better at what I do. It also shaped me to become a confident performer, something I never thought I could achieve.

Mayur Jumani M.M.’16 is back in Mumbai, India, where he launched Inhew, a solo project where he collaborates with artists and singers to create cross-genre electronic music that recreates the studio environment on stage. He is also currently finishing a new EP and will soon go on tour all around India. Moreover, Jumani has been developing other side projects as a freelance producer and composer in the Bollywood and indie scenes as well as abroad. At the beginning of 2017, he performed in Los Angeles with a group called Hollywood Light Orchestra, merging electronic music with a live orchestra.

Why did you decide to pursue a master’s degree in Berklee’s Master of Music Production, Technology, and Innovation program at the Valencia campus?

I was working in a regular IT job when I realized the corporate life is not for me. I grew up listening to successful stories of Berklee alumni, so when I came across this course I knew it was perfect for me. My interest lies in all three aspects of the course music production, technology, and innovation—so this was a great opportunity to transform my hobby into a career. Also, I always wanted to travel to Europe, so it was perfect from every angle.

Would you advise prospective students to come to Berklee’s Valencia campus for their graduate programs?

Totally. The year I spent at Berklee Valencia exceeded my expectations. The faculty is beyond amazing, and the learning methodology is really effective. Also, it’s a great place to collaborate and perform live. Apart from that, Spain is a great country to travel around and [in which] to socialize. Initially, I was skeptical because of the language barrier, but Spanish people are so kind and helpful, you’ll feel at home straight away.

Watch Mayur Jumani's play his original song "Zedd Mashup" live at Berklee Valencia's Innovation ¡En Vivo!

Can you tell us more about your project, Inhew, where you work both as a live producer and artist?

Inhew is my solo project where I collaborate with artists and singers to create cross-genre electronic music. The main idea is to bring the studio environment live on stage with the use of Midi controllers and live instruments. This way, electronic music is not just played on a console, but performed live. This project started off as my culminating experience project at Berklee and has taken shape a year later. I am currently finishing a new EP and planning shows all around India.

Are you currently based in Mumbai, or do you also perform and produce internationally?

I’m currently back in Mumbai, collaborating with some amazing artists. I have also been working on many side projects as a freelance producer and composer in the Bollywood and indie scene as well as abroad. This past year in Mumbai has been great because of the exposure I got in so many different fields and genres of music. Earlier this year I also performed internationally with a group called Hollywood Light Orchestra in Los Angeles, where we merged electronic music with a live orchestra. I am looking forward to continuing to work with them and others soon.

How did your time at Berklee Valencia shape your music?

I’ve always been a firm believer in self-learning, especially because I've been self-taught since I was a child. But after one month at Berklee, I realized how much more there is to learn. I still remember the shows I did at Innovation ¡En Vivo! and TEDxBerkleeValencia: they completely changed me. I was not the shy and nervous kid anymore. Of course, Berklee shaped my music and made me better at what I do, but at the same time, it shaped me to be a confident performer, something I never thought I could achieve.

What opportunities did you have, being in Valencia, that you may not have had otherwise?

The best part about Berklee Valencia is that it’s a small campus with enthusiastic students. The energy is really positive, and everyone tries to help each other and look for ways to collaborate. Also, the city is full of friendly people open to all sorts of music experiences. Every single live show we did received so much praise and appreciation, it was hard not to love the city.

After graduating, you’ve worked in product development at Line 6. Can you tell us more about your job?

That was a totally different experience. I learned about the technical side of music and music products. I even designed and conceptualized a new product, which was appreciated by everyone there. The internship gave me the experience I needed to run my own company.

How did the International Career Center (ICC) help you develop your professional career?

Right from the start, the ICC helped me clear my doubts. Aside from the one-to-one sessions, the online portal has also been helpful to secure jobs. I can easily say that, if it wasn’t for the ICC, I wouldn’t have got the internship at Line 6.

What are your future plans?

My ultimate goal is to redefine the way electronic music is performed on stage. Right now, I am trying to manage my time between freelancing and my Inhew project. After I release a few new songs, I will start performing live again, possibly across India and internationally. Also, by next year I want to expand Inhew to form an electronic band and name it the Inhew Collective. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next year. I have too many ideas and not enough time.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

One thing I would like to say to those unsure about their careers is to follow your passion because it’s worth a try. People will advise against it, but it's important you never stop listening to your inner voice because it’s not the people around us, it’s that voice inside you that knows what you’re really capable of.

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