Musaico Festival

Berklee Valencia presents Musaico Festival, the campus’ first free and family-oriented music festival.

Celebrating Fallas 2018

Berklee’s campus in Valencia students are getting ready to celebrate Las Fallas, the traditional Valencian local festivity.

Tony Woodcock on Campus

Fundraising expert Tony Woodcock will visit the campus, offering his expertise to students.

Julio Martí on Campus

Jazz promoter and head of Serious Fan Music Julio Martí will visit the campus to share his knowledge with students.

Camille Colatosti on Campus

Dean of Institutional Assessment and Graduate Studies Camille Colatosti will be on campus to answer key questions.

Don Franzen on Campus

Entertainment lawyer Don Franzen will join our Music Business Seminar and offer a master class.

She Knows Tech Workshop

She Knows Tech partners with IronHack to offer an app designing workshop featuring guest speaker Rosa Narváez, from Propellerhead.

Orientation Week 2018

We welcome our new graduate and undergraduate students landing at Berklee’s Valencia campus.

Susan Rogers on Campus

Boston faculty member Susan Rogers will join a conversation about music ear and career development.

Salomé Limón on Campus

Producer and sound engineer Salomé Limón will participate in a panel about technology in music production.

Spring Career Seminar 2018

The International Career Center will hold three days of panels, workshops, and concerts to guide students on their future careers.

Berklee Global Summit Concert

The Berklee Global Summit concert will showcase all of Berklee’s campus in Valencia ensembles at Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía.

Berklee Global Summit

Berklee International Network representatives visit the Valencia campus in October for Global Summit.

Beginning of Classes

Valencia’s 2017 fall semester kicks off with a record number of undergraduate students.

Orientation Week 2017

The last week of August we’ll welcome our new graduate and undergraduate students to Berklee’s Valencia campus.