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Campus Reopening for Fall 2020

Berklee Valencia will resume on-campus activity for fall 2020. For updated information, please visit the Fall 2020 Frequently Asked Questions section.
All updates on the COVID-19 are on our Public Safety Alerts page.

Frequently Asked Questions - Fall 2020

To get the answers that apply to you, please, select if you are an undergraduate or a graduate student:


Q: What will the fall semester be like for students?

More than half of students' time will be on campus. In general, experiential activities, for instance work involving studios, ensembles, and lab sessions will be done in person when safe social distancing can be maintained. Lecture-style courses that are more easily adapted to remote learning will be held online.

Q: What are the 2020–2021 tuition costs for the academic year?

Hybrid on-campus/remote tuition will be frozen at the 2019–2020 rates.

This is a reduction of the previously communicated 2020–2021 rates. View the revised Valencia campus 2020–2021 tuition, and fees.

Q: By when do I need to make a decision regarding my fall plans? Do I need to let Berklee know my fall study intentions?

Accepted graduate applicants who have not deposited but will enroll in the program are encouraged to submit the tuition deposit by July 1, 2020.
Graduate students who have submitted the tuition deposit and will not enroll in the hybrid program are encouraged to inform admissionsvalencia@berklee.edu by July 1, 2020.

Q: Are there any changes to the 2020–2021 academic calendar?

There are no changes to the 2020–2021 academic calendar. The fall semester will start September 7, 2020, and end December 18, 2020, as planned. View the 2020–2021 academic calendar.

Q: I am not able to attend this fall. Can I start during a later semester?

Admitted students to Berklee College of Music’s graduate programs may not defer their acceptance. Graduate students have the following options for the fall 2020 semester:

  • A hybrid on-campus/remote model
  • If you are unable to study on campus as part of the hybrid model, you may be eligible to enroll in a comparable graduate program offered by Berklee Online. Please contact admissionsvalencia@berklee.edu with questions.
  • Withdraw and reapply to begin your program during the fall 2021 semester. The fall 2021 application will open in July 2020.

Please contact admissionsvalencia@berklee.edu with any questions.

Q: Will there be any impact to my financial aid or scholarships?

All scholarships will be honored for the hybrid learning option. Please contact Student Financial Services at financialaid@berklee.edu if you have questions about your Federal financial aid, or the Office of Scholarships in Valencia at scholarshipsvalencia@berklee.edu if you have questions about your unique situation.

Q: Can I enroll with Berklee Online?

Graduate students may be eligible to join a Berklee Online master’s program as an alternative to the programs offered in Valencia. Graduate students should contact admissionsvalencia@berklee.edu with questions.

Q: Will concerts or events be able to take place on the Valencia campus this fall?

Performances will take place with modified configurations to follow social distancing parameters. Some performances will take place with the audiences attending online and others will allow in-person audiences where social distancing is possible.

Q: Is there a possibility that a hybrid and/or remote model will be extended into the spring semester? When will that decision be made and communicated?

We will continue to monitor and follow the guidelines and recommendations set forth by state and local government health authorities in order to make a decision about the spring semester. We will update students and their families throughout the fall semester as more information becomes available.


All undergraduate classes will be delivered in a remote format on both the Boston and Valencia campuses. For questions related to undergraduate programs, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section on berklee.edu.


Q: What classes will be taught in-person vs. taught online?

This will vary from one program to another but our intention is that more than half of students’ time will be spent in on-campus classes. Experiential courses (e.g. studio work) will be conducted in person when safe social distancing can be maintained. Lecture-style courses that are more easily adapted to remote learning will be held online.

Q: Have remote teaching guidelines and practices been standardized across the institution to ensure course quality?

Berklee faculty have spent the months following the sudden transition to an online format participating in training sessions and workshops to ensure effective online delivery of course content. We are committed to ensuring the delivery of the premier education that Berklee is known for.

Q: How will grading work for fall 2020? Will a pass/fail option be available or will it return to pre-COVID-19 grading criteria?

Grading during the 2020–2021 academic year will return to normal letter grades. (The pass/no credit option was offered for the spring 2020 semester because COVID-19 disrupted work in the middle of the semester.)

Q: What is the plan for performances both in the fall and spring?

Performing for an audience is a fundamental part of your education, and we will continue to provide these experiences. To comply with COVID-19 social distancing recommendations, we will use digital tools and media to deliver content to audiences in various ways, such as livestreaming solo or small group performances to remote audiences. More information about our fall performance season will be announced as it becomes available.

Q: For online classes, can my teacher require that my camera be on? Will this affect my participation grade?

Students are expected to be fully present and participate in the instruction offered. Some classes require visual engagement to address learning outcomes. In those settings, which are determined by faculty, it is expected that students will have their cameras turned on.

Q: How will private lessons work?

Student and faculty feedback from the spring 2020 semester revealed that remote lessons were highly successful. Therefore, private lessons will be held in a combination of online and in-person modalities during the fall semester.

Q: Will online classes be recorded, and will they be made available on OL?

Many classes or lessons may be recorded, but students should clarify with their teacher as to whether the class will be recorded and available for later viewing.

Q: I am in a program that requires access to specific facilities such as a studio or lab. Will I have access to these facilities?

Technology-oriented courses that require hands-on studio or lab time will have priority access to those spaces. Performance courses will participate in on-campus, in-person ensembles with necessary safety precautions. Students in writing-oriented courses will have projects performed live or recorded in on-campus facilities.

Q: How will music ensembles work?

Ensembles at the college will be delivered using three methods: in-person (on campus), remote, or via a hybrid model, whereby students in some ensembles will participate remotely while others will be on campus. Because large group gatherings are not advisable at this time, our in-person ensembles will consist of small groups that are able to maintain safe social distances. Regardless of the delivery method, all ensembles will focus on the development of performance skills; listening and analysis; rehearsal techniques; and, where appropriate, production skills.

Q: Will there be a more lenient attendance policy given how COVID-19 mimics so many other seasonal illnesses?

There are no changes to Berklee’s attendance policies since they allow for a number of excused absences. Read Berklee College of Music’s attendance policy.

Q: Will I be able to access instruments on campus? How will my access be different this fall versus previous years?

Students will have access to instruments on campus, and details are forthcoming. For remote students, we are currently exploring a number of options to support access to instruments, and details will be released later when available.


All undergraduate classes will be delivered in a remote format on both the Boston and Valencia campuses. For questions related to undergraduate programs, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section on berklee.edu.


Q: What is the process to obtain a visa to study in Spain?

Schedule an appointment with your consulate as soon as possible and ensure that you have all required documentation ready. If your consulate is not able to offer you an appointment by July 20, please reach out to admissionsvalencia@berklee.edu so they can work with you on possible alternatives.
For more information about the visa process, visit: Graduate Programs

Q: I am an EU citizen. Do I need a visa to study on the Valencia campus?

If you are a citizen or legal resident of the European Union (EU), Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom, you do not need a visa to study on our Valencia campus. For more information regarding visas, please visit:
Graduate Programs

Q: Will I need to quarantine upon arrival in Spain?

Students who arrive in Spain after July 1 will not need to quarantine. Please note this could change based on updates to Spanish government regulations in the weeks and months to come. We will follow guidance from the Ministry of Health and keep students informed of changes.

Q: My country is processing visas, but at a delayed rate. If I choose to study on campus but receive my visa late, can I arrive on campus after the semester begins?

If you don’t receive your visa in time to start the program in person by the official start date, you will be allowed to start the program remotely and then continue in Valencia once your visa has been processed. We recommend you also reach out to admissionsvalencia@berklee.edu as soon as possible, so they can work with you on possible alternatives.

Q: I was planning on traveling to Spain for my studies with my family (partner/children). Are there any restrictions I should be mindful of?

The Spanish government is planning to open borders for tourism on July 1. We advise travelers to check with their consulate and airlines for further information on travel restrictions. Please note that travel regulations could change based on updates from the Spanish government in the weeks and months to come.


All undergraduate classes will be delivered in a remote format on both the Boston and Valencia campuses. For questions related to undergraduate programs, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section on berklee.edu.


Q: What plan do you have in place to ensure my health and safety while I am on campus?

The Berklee Valencia campus is currently following guidance from state and regional health authorities. As of today the Spanish Ministry of Universities has already set some recommendations (in Spanish) for the safety of our shared environment:

  • Practice social distancing (1.5 meters).
  • Reorganizing campus space
  • Use of facial masks.
  • Washing hands regularly.
  • Wiping down our workspaces after using them.
Q: Will I need to be tested for COVID-19 while I’m on campus? Will I be required to report my temperature or other symptoms? Are there any other medical requirements I’ll be mandated to participate in or provide?

We are currently studying options for testing and contact tracing in alignment with official guidelines stated by national, regional, and local health institutions, and following recommendations from our partners at MAPFRE. Together with Berklee’s Medical Assistance Team, they will continue to support the health and wellness of our students, as we closely collaborate to provide additional robust medical services directly related to COVID-19.

Q: Will I be required to wear a facial covering at all times? Are there any exceptions to this? What if I play a wind instrument or am a vocalist?

Students will be required to wear a facial covering at all times, with few exceptions. Private lessons and vocal ensembles will be conducted remotely so that students do not have masks interfering with their performance. The performance and ensemble departments are exploring additional tools that will keep students safe while performing.

Q: If I test positive for COVID-19, or if my roommate, a classmate, or one of my professors tests positive, how will the school handle the illness and the health of those who may have been in contact with me/them?

We will follow isolation, quarantine, disinfection, contact tracing, and other protocols as outlined by the Conselleria de Sanitat (Valencia Regional Government) to minimize as best as possible the spread of COVID-19.

Q: I’m at an increased risk of severe illness if I contract COVID-19. Are there specialized accommodations available to me? Do you recommend that I choose the remote option?

We encourage you to contact your physician in order to best assess the risks of living and/or studying on campus. For more information, or to request accommodations, please contact studentaffairsvalencia@berklee.edu

Q: What are the greater Valencia area and the state doing to keep their residents safe?

Valencia region is following Spanish Government de-escalation plan. The city is currently on Phase 3. Under the government's four stage “plan for the transition to the new normal”, Phase 3 is the final step before arriving at the new normal. For more details on this please visit the Public Safety Alerts page.

Q: If a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available while I am studying at Berklee, will I be required to receive the vaccine in order to remain on campus?

When a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available, we will update our immunization requirements to be in compliance with mandates set forth by the Department of Public Health and Spanish health authorities. Learn more about Berklee’s immunization policy.

Q: What exactly is included in my Mapfre health insurance?

All participants are covered by this insurance while enrolled in the program. You will receive your MAPFRE insurance card and information during Orientation in Valencia. You can find more information about the plan's coverage here


All undergraduate classes will be delivered in a remote format on both the Boston and Valencia campuses. For questions related to undergraduate programs, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section on berklee.edu.


Q: I plan on leasing an off-campus apartment with roommates. Are we allowed to live with other students? Do I need to inform Berklee who I am living with?

As it stands, there are no regulations forbidding tenants from sharing apartments in Spain. We recommend you consult the following general aspects and FAQ about your lease in Spain for specific recommendations. Once you have secured your long-term accommodation in Valencia, you will be asked to provide your final address to the Student Affairs team so we can contact you in the event of an emergency.

Q: My off-campus living space/apartment does not allow me to play an instrument indoors. How can I participate in remote courses or lessons? What practice spaces are available to me?

For students who are studying in Valencia, practice rooms will be available. Considerations on instrument access will be given priority.

Q: How will New Student Orientation change?

We will create a hybrid orientation model for all incoming students. This hybrid model will involve providing prerecorded content to students prior to their arrival on campus, as well as a variety of on-campus sessions that will be modified in order to accommodate social distancing guidelines. Specific information around move-in and orientation will be provided by the Student Affairs offices in the coming weeks.

Q: Will I have access to practice rooms, studios, the library, and other physical resources? How will this work?

You will have access to Berklee facilities, but access will look different. For example, most spaces will require some form of advance reservation or will be assigned to students. We are committed to making facilities available to students while also maintaining a safe campus that allows for physical distancing and reduced campus density.

Q: Will the equipment room still be available for all students? Do I need to bring additional equipment like my own microphone and headphones?

The equipment room will be available. We encourage all students to bring their own microphone and headphones (required for some of the programs as indicated here), although a limited number will also be available to be borrowed from the equipment room.

Q: Will there be a virtual group meeting for students before leaving for Spain?

Each of the graduate programs will hold information sessions to prepare students for their trip to Valencia. You will receive information for these sessions via email.

Q: Will campus hours be extended to allow students ample time to access practice rooms, studios, and other on-campus facilities?

Campus hours will be adjusted as needed to ensure social distancing and to provide sufficient access to practice rooms, studios, and other on-campus facilities.

Q: What are the technology expectations for students? What should I do if I’m unable to purchase the required technology?

Apart from the normal technology requirements, students should have:

  • An internal or external webcam;
  • An internal or external microphone;
  • Speakers or headphones; and
  • A broadband Internet connection with at least 10 megabits per second (Mbps) upload and download speed. You can check your connection speed here.

For any questions related to technology requirements, please contact atvalencia@berklee.edu.

Q: How will common spaces, such as bathrooms, lounges, and elevators, be maintained to maximize safety?

For common areas, we will establish measures recommended by local health authorities such as:

  • Controlling the flow of people on campus, through the corridors, and in lounges
  • Reducing the capacity in shared spaces on campus such as in restrooms and in elevators
  • Increasing the number of cleaning shifts and procedures on campus
Q: What should I do if I need a housing or dining accommodation because of a disability?

You can visit Accessibility Resources for Students to know more about the process to request accommodations for your housing, dining, and program in Valencia


All undergraduate classes will be delivered in a remote format on both the Boston and Valencia campuses. For questions related to undergraduate programs, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section on berklee.edu.


Contact Information

If I have other questions, whom should I contact?

For general inquiries please contact:
Undergraduate: studyabroad@berklee.edu
Graduate: admissionsvalencia@berklee.edu

For Housing and Campus Life questions please contact:
Undergraduate: studyabroad@berklee.edu
Graduate: studentaffairsvalencia@berklee.edu

For Academic questions, advising and registration please contact:
Undergraduate: studyabroad@berklee.edu
Graduate: academicaffairsvalencia@berklee.edu

For Technology questions please contact:
Undergraduate: atvalencia@berklee.edu
Graduate: atvalencia@berklee.edu

For Visa questions please contact:
Undergraduate: studyabroad@berklee.edu
Graduate: admissionsvalencia@berklee.edu

For Health and Wellness please contact:
Undergraduate: studentaffairsvalencia@berklee.edu
Graduate: studentaffairsvalencia@berklee.edu