Nevena Vujosevic, Instructor, Berklee Study Abroad, Global Entertainment and Music Business | Berklee Valencia Campus
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Fall 2021 Update

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Nevena Vujosevic

Instructor Berklee Study AbroadGlobal Entertainment and Music Business

In Their Own Words

“I believe that every person has their greatness. This is not some catchy phrase; for me, it is a mission. In the world of coaching we believe that each person has their own answers and the right to define their own brand of success. But sometimes we need the right kind of support, education, and inspiration to make the most of what we have been given, and that is where I see my role in all the aspects of my work.”

“Everything I design in education is to truly challenge my students to blossom in their own creativity and authentic identities, to learn to think for themselves and ask the right questions, and to continually improve their abilities and personal effectiveness, so they can get out into the world and make meaningful, positive contributions for themselves and for others.”

“I have always been fascinated with the notion of transformation of individuals, groups, communities, organizations, nations, and so on. Our power to change, to evolve and to go beyond what is expected of us, is for me one of the greatest opportunities of being alive. But this is the most meaningful when it is in service of something greater than ourselves. Education, good education, has the power to bring that out in individuals and help them find ways to grow and channel their talents in the most positive and impactful way.”

Career Highlights

  • International executive coach, strategic consultant, speaker, and professor with over 15 years experience in business and organizational strategy, leadership and professional development, and entrepreneurship with experience with large multinational organisations, small- and mid- cap companies, and startups, and in the educational and nonprofit arenas
  • President of the Spanish Executive Coaching and Mentoring Association (AECOP) for the region of Levante (Valencia community, Murcia, Alicante, and Castellon)
  • Seasoned entrepreneur with her own practice, NEV Coaching and Consulting, cofounder of an international university workshop program, and mentor in the launch of dozens of others’ businesses
  • Regular speaker on topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship and business strategy, personal development, and communication, in addition to being a collaborator with a variety of associations across Spain, including the U.S. Embassy, in similar initatives
  • Professor at various univerisities including Berklee, EDEM (Escuela de Empresarios), and Politecnic University in Valencia, at both the undergraduate and graduate level
  • Former regional chief operating officer for the Economics and Research Division of Barclays Capital, covering the Americas and Asia Pacific; formerly worked at Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Cambridge in America


  • M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University, organizational development with a specialization in coaching and conflict resolution
  • B.A., Cornell University, social psychology