Exclusive Trip to L.A. – Recording Session for Master's Students at the Warner Bros. Studios | Berklee Valencia Campus
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Exclusive Trip to L.A. – Recording Session for Master’s Students at the Warner Bros. Studios

In June 2013, Berklee's master's students in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games achieved something that, as many of them said, “was beyond their wildest dreams.” After several meetings with top executives in the film industry who shared their know-how and gave extremely valuable advice, students recorded one of their cues for a short film, trailer or other projects of their choice at the Warner Bros. recording studios in Los Angeles.

The sessions featured 46 first-call musicians who have played on the soundtracks for many popular films. The sessions were directed by Laura Karpman and engineered by Leslie Ann Jones of Skywalker Sound.

These 20 students from 13 different countries—including China, Chile, Spain, the United Kingdom, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, and the United States—entered the program in September 2012 and have grown musically and personally in ways they wouldn't have predicted when they arrived. Many of the students have said that this progress is due not only to the excellence of the program, facilities, and faculty, but also to the lessons learned from collaborating with peers and the ensuing cross-cultural interactions.

Several students are now working on a range of new projects and a few have landed internships at Mumo Productions, Spanish film composer Lucas Vidal's studio; and at a studio under the direction of Hans Zimmer.
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