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Emtech España: MIT´s conference on emerging technologies in Valencia

EmTech, organized by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Technology Review magazine, is the world’s leading emerging technologies conference. This event brings together technology gurus, scientists and young entrepreneurs who present innovative perspectives to transform society and everyday life. EmTech España 2013 will be held on November 5 and 6 at the Palau de les Arts in Valencia, a city that is committed to backing innovation and providing entrepreneurial opportunities. Valencia will become the center of European entrepreneurship in the coming years by holding MIT’s emerging technologies conference.

Outstanding national and international researchers, scientists and technologists will participate in EmTech España 2013. The speakers will address the challenges of personalized medicine, education of the future, robots in the workforce and the evolution of virtual assistants, innovation in intelligent materials and the impact of new technologies in the metropolis. There will also be an artistic session where we will dive into musical technology with Stephen Webber, the Music Technology Innovation program director at Berklee in Valencia. Find out more about the Master program in Music Technology Innovation here.

In addition, we will analyze business strategies in a globalized world where you Innovate or Die, and the difficult task of taking a product from lab to market. For the third year, we will present the Innovators Under 35 Spain. The last panel, led by the MIT Enterprise Forum Spanish Chapter, will analyze the steps to follow to turn a technologist into a financial and strategy manager.

EmTech España will close with the Investors Forum, a private session that will bring together leading Spanish entrepreneurs with Venture Capitalists interested in their projects.The Investors Forum is a high-performance meeting where a specified number of selected startups are presented to a group of renowned national and international Venture Capitalists. Each entrepreneur will provide useful information about their business plan and products in advance so that the investors will have prior knowledge of the participating projects, the technology they are developing and their business models.

Emtech's website can be found here. Special discounts apply to the Berklee community if you plan on attending Emtech.

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