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Data Analytics in the Music Industry

Student Clara Rescala (M.A.'19)'s vizualization by Tableau Software featuring data of the top 10 grossing tours of 2018

It’s no mystery that in today’s technologically advanced world, data is a vital part of many business decisions. Alexandre Perrin, who teaches the course Data Analytics in the Music Industry as part of the Master of Arts in Global Entertainment and Music Business program, notes, “The problem is that we have more and more data but less and less time to analyze it.” Luckily, we have infographics, which are a visual representation of information or data that are both instructive and visually appealing.

In Perrin's course, students examine real-world examples of how analytics significantly improve management decisions, firm strategies, and artists’ successes. The module is divided in three parts: how to obtain data, how to analyze it, and how to display it. Students recently completed 20 infographics about the music industry, covering a wide array of topics. To guide students in the process, Perrin provided them with tools such as Excel or Tableau.

Examples from the class include the following:

1. Top 10 Grossing Tours in 2018, created by Clara Rescala (Brazil), includes ticketing data collected on Pollstar and allows you to compare ticket price differences.

2. Cercle, created by Can Eltutar (Turkey), is the new "Boiler Room"; it broadcasts live performances on social media in amazing places.

3. Flow Selecto Spotify Playlist, created by Johanna Llorente (Colombia), is a deep dive into one of the most powerful playlists on Spotify to see who comes out on top.

Learn more about their class experience here.

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