Un Lago de Conciertos | Berklee Valencia Campus



Un Lago de Conciertos

Presented by:  Berklee's Campus in Valencia
Where: City of Arts and Sciences, in front of the Science Museum
When: Friday June 22, 2018, 8 p.m. (local time)
How to Attend: Free event open to the public. No tickets necessary.

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Berklee’s campus in Valencia is collaborating with the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia in an initiative to promote the diffusion of free high-quality music in the city. Un Lago de Conciertos is a concert series featuring Berklee students and faculty performing jazz, folk music, ambient music, and electronic music in the open air and will happen most Fridays from May until October.

Friday, June 22 Line-Up
-Singers from the Boston Conservatory Opera Intensive Program at Valencia:
-Paulina de la Fuente Martínez
-Bogdan "Theo" Mynka
-Natalia St. Jean
-Mackenzie Simao
-Dacia Gramlick
-Felix Aguilar Tomlinson
-Gracie Hays & Lily Byrd
-Gravity Duo (Jazzy Kok & Diego Demarco)
-Naomi Westwater