Un Lago de Conciertos | Berklee Valencia Campus



Un Lago de Conciertos

Where: Lago Sur del Museu de les Arts i les Ciències
When: Friday September 25, 2020, 7:00 p.m. (local time)

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Berklee’s campus in Valencia is collaborating with the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia in an initiative to promote the diffusion of free high-quality music in the city. The concert will feature Berklee students bands performing jazz, R&B, pop, and electronic music.



  • Marco Pisani is a contemporary jazz guitarist who will present to the audience an acoustic solo set, blending jazz standards, modern arrangements, and fingerstyle guitar classics.

  • Ryan Tram, who performs as ReSeT, is a versatile multi-instrumentalist who draws influences from indie, R&B, synth pop, lo-fi hip-hop, and future bass. He performs light shows with his Launchpads and his electronic digital instrument.

  • Identifying herself as a pop music vigilante, ARAE hopes to drive social change with her trap-pop songs. Mirroring the anxieties of her generation with an infusion of dark humour, she addresses issues such as mental health, climate change, and gender inequality.

While attending the concert, please remember to follow the guidelines below to keep a safe environment:

>Capacity will be limited. Attendees must arrive at least 20 minutes in advance and proceed directly to their seats. Seats will be assigned by order of arrival.
>Enter and leave in a staggered fashion. Keep a security interpersonal distance at all times.
>Follow the routes marked inside the concert venue.
>Wash your hands with the hand sanitizer available at the entrance before entering.
>Use a face-covering mask at all times, including while you are sitting during the performance.
>Keep a safe interpersonal distance once inside the venue.
>For hygiene reasons, you are not allowed to share your seat with other attendees;  seats are non transferable.
>To the extent possible, do not leave your seat during the intermission. It will last about five minutes.
>Eating or drinking any type of food or beverage inside the venue is not allowed. This activity is limited to the catering area.
>At the end of the concert, attendees will leave in sections, following the staff’s instructions.
>For everyone's safety, follow these rules closely.