The World Jam, II Edition in Madrid | Berklee Valencia Campus



The World Jam, II Edition in Madrid

Where: Circulo de Bellas Artes / Café de Berlin
When: Thursday September 29, 2016, 9 p.m. (local time)
Event link:
How to Attend: Sold Out

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The World Jam is an international music and dance festival focused on Jazz and Swing Culture. Through a Global Battle of the Bands and the Swing Music Awards ceremony, Madrid is invaded by hundreds of professional and amateur dancers and musicians.

In 2016, Madrid will host the sold-out second edition of the festival that gathers more than 33 artists and folks from 19 different countries.

Although the event is sold out, there are still some tickets reserved for Berklee students at a discounted rate. Click here to request a ticket while they're still available. There are also reduced train fares for festival attendees.

One of our very own Berklee Global Entertainment and Music Business candidates, Angela Gil, will be organizing the festival along with help from Berklee students who have offered to volunteer their time and efforts in carrying out the four-day event.

Here's a video from the first edition of The World Jam which took place last year.