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The Indo Flamenco Concert

Presented by:  Berklee Valencia students
Where: Sala Carolina - Calle Rugat 10, 46021 Valencia
When: Thursday May 10, 2018, 8 p.m - 10 p.m. (local time)
Event link:
How to Attend: Entry: 10 Euros. Online Ticket:

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The Indo Flamenco Concert is a fusion of Indian Classical and Flamenco music.

The concept of this concert is to gate at the Spanish roots of flamenco that come from the western part of India called "Rajasthan". The Romani population (gypsies) emigrated and settled in Spain after having traveled throughout the Iberian peninsula, gathering vibrant influences from different cultures. Spain's exuberant and omnipotent joy shows a great resemblance to the contagious joy impregnated in the Indian dance, as well as in the "Kathak" dance style of northern India.

An evening of entertainment and exploration of the areas of music and dance where these two cultures collide.

The Indo Flamenco Concert is a charity concert. All the funds raised will go to Vicente Ferrer Foundation and Fuvane Foundation.

Featuring artists:

  • Dhaval Kothari - Voice
  • Ragini Makkhar (India’s Got Talent Winner) - Dance
  • Analuisa Cardona - Flamenco dance
  • Hemant Makkhar - Tabla (Indian percussion)
  • Reina Roja (Valencia, Spain) - Flamenco Band
  • José "El Piru" - Flamenco guitar
  • Peter Connolly - Electric guitar
  • Chris Attwell - Electric bass


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