The Artist as a Startup at BIME Pro (Bilbao, Spain) | Berklee Valencia Campus


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The Artist as a Startup at BIME Pro (Bilbao, Spain)

Presented by:  Berklee Faculty
Where: Bilbao Exhibition Center (Bilbao, Spain)
When: Thursday October 29, 2015, 10:30 - 11:00 a.m.
Event link:
Registration: Must register through BIME Pro to attend the conference.

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In celebration of our partnership with BIME, program director Emilien Moyon will lead a panel to discuss the concept of the artist as a start-up at BIME, a leading music industry conference in Bilbao, Spain.

For years, artists were told that DIY was THE answer and that they should take advantage of the opportunities that new technologies offer. The reality of a lot of artists is quite different. To offer constructive solutions for emerging artists, we will try to understand to what extend artists can be entrepreneurs developing their venture in a highly competitive and complex market. The panel of specialists will discuss the idea that artists can learn from entrepreneurs to develop their career. The panelists will share examples of artists who adopt innovative strategies to build and engage an audience and by offering some advice for upcoming artists.

The panel will be composed of Tommy Darker, Cindy Castillo, Benji Rogers, and Paul Sonkameble to weigh in and give us their thoughts.

If you cannot attend the conference, but are interested meeting with Emilien Moyon in Bilbao, write an email to and we will try to arrange a meeting.

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