Pierce Warnecke at MUTEK in Montreal, Canada | Berklee Valencia Campus


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Pierce Warnecke at MUTEK in Montreal, Canada

Presented by:  Berklee College of Music and MUTEK
Where: Montreal, QC, Canada
When: Friday June 3, 2016, 20:25h - 21:05h (EDT)
Event link: http://www.mutek.org/en/montreal/2016/box-office
How to Attend: Tickets must be purchased at Mutek's website

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On June 3, 2016 assistant professor Pierce Warnecke and Matthew Biederman will push the limits of perceived reality at MUTEK in a new audiovisual performance that combines their far reaching artistic practices: in Perspection, multiple screens pulse in vivid colour and in black and white, geometric shapes projected using 3D tracking to create a single anamorphic image, all the while spatialized audio warps and whirs. Biederman and Warnecke aim beyond the disembodied effects of CGI and VR technology: screens shift into vital sculptural forms that live in sound-image relationships with each other, spurring audiences to experience the physical here-and-now of theatre space paired with augmented reality, to become hyper aware of the act of perception itself.

For more info on their performance, please click here.


MUTEK is a Montréal based not-for-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination and development of digital creativity in sound, music, and audio-visual art. Its mandate is to provide a platform for the most original and visionary artists currently working in their fields, with the intent of providing an outlet of initiation and discovery for various audiences.

You can find more information in the MUTEK.ORG About menu and on the pages dedicated to MUTEK.MX in Mexico City and MUTEK.ES in Barcelona.