Pierce Warnecke at Currents New Media Art Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, US | Berklee Valencia Campus



Pierce Warnecke at Currents New Media Art Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, US

Presented by:  Currents 2016
Where: Santa Fe, New Mexico
When: Friday June 10, 2016, 18:00hr (MDT)
Event link: https://currentsnewmedia.org/work/perspection/
How to Attend: Free Entry

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From June 10 to June 26, 2016 assistant professor Pierce Warnecke along with Matthew Biederman will push the limits of perceived reality at Currents New Media Art Festival in Santa Fe in a new audiovisual performance that combines their far reaching artistic practices.

"Perspection" is an audiovisual installation exploring the perception of space through the use of projection on a series of specifically oriented surfaces and spatialized audio. Trompe l’oeil has been used throughout the history of image making in order to transport the viewer outside their physical location in the same way that contemporary CGI and virtual reality propose experiences outside one’s body or the virtual transportation of the viewer through technology. On the contrary, "Perspection" seeks to embed the physical experience of perception in place and create a hyperawareness of the act of perception versus a disembodiment or virtual screen space by correlating screen space with physical space.

For more info on their performance, please click - here

Watch their body of work here:

CURRENTS NEW MEDIA ART FESTIVAL 2016, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
CURRENTS provides the community with opportunities to experience New Media Arts in traditional venues, public and outdoor spaces. 6,200 visitors attended festival events in 2015. The Festival is enjoyed by a broad demographic – children spinning through the galleries reveling in interactive New Media – seniors contemplating image and meaning – working class families – and savvy collectors.
The Festival is the result of a collaboration between Parallel Studios, its partners throughout the city and the many volunteers who invest their time to support this project. It is truly a community endeavor.