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Perspectivas Sonoras

Where: Museu de les Ciències, última arquería este, detrás del auditorio
When: Friday July 7, 10 a.m.
Event link:
How to Attend: Free Entrance

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Perspectivas Sonoras is an original auditive environment created to reinforce our visual perception and auditory ability. The activity places daily objects on strange locations to challenge our perceptions. Being these objects located outside of their "normal" place, we increase the use of our senses.

Big cylinders of different sizes will be distributed around the space, and will be used as resonant bodies through which the sine waves will be reproduced. The frequencies are chosen to create specific resonances with the objects. Visually, from a specific angle sitting on a chair and looking to a screen, the cylinders will be aligned to simulate that they are of the same size. From this position, only the sound will reveal the real location of each object.