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“Nit del Ninot” and Berklee Valencia Singers

Where: Museo Príncipe Felipe - Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias, Av Profesor López Piñero, 7, 46013 Valencia
When: Friday February 16, 2018, 12 a.m. (local time)
How to Attend: Tickets: 3 euros

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The Príncipe Felipe Museum (City of Arts and Science) will be open until 2am this Friday 16 to exhibit the ninots, elaborate and fanciful sculptures made of paper and wax, wood and polystyrene foam that Valencian crews of artists and artisans, sculptors, painters, and other craftsmen spend months producing for the Fallas, a traditional celebration held in commemoration of Saint Joseph in the city of Valencia, Spain.

Besides, visitors will have the opportunity to vote for the best ninot. The ninots on display are put to a popular vote to decide which figure or group of figures will be saved from the burning (the "Cremà") on the night of March 19. These "pardoned" sculptures will be included in the collection of the Museo Fallero, where they can be admired by visitors to the city of Valencia.

As a special guest, Berklee Valencia Singers choir, led by alumnus John C. Leavitt, will be performing at midnight to liven up the exhibition with music.

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