Mr. Adam Marks & The Interlopers

Presented by:  Sala Wah Wah
Where: Sala Wah Wah, Calle de Ramón Campoamor, 52, 46022 València
When: Thursday April 14, 2016, 21:30 hers (local time)
How to Attend: 5 Euro Entry

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Born and raised in New York, much like the city he grew up in, no block of his life has been the same as the last.  Mr. Adam Marks is a singer-songwriter that leads you on a journey through various climates that vividly illustrate his belief in redefining that boundaries of music. He endeavours to explore mental and emotional truth, as well as the depth and heights of popular music.

Catch Mr. Adam Marks & The Interlopers at Sala Wah Wah on April 14 at 21:30 hrs!

Adam Marks