Mic to Monitor 2016 | Berklee Valencia Campus


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Mic to Monitor 2016

Presented by:  Prism Sound
Where: Berklee's Campus in Valencia
When: Thursday October 27, 2016, 6 p.m. (local time)
Event link: http://prismsound.com/music_recording/events.php?eid=256
How to Attend: Free Event

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Prism Sound teams up with Berklee for Mic to Monitors 2016, a series of free seminars delivering key insights into modern day recording, mixing and mastering techniques. Topics will include room acoustics, microphone technology and techniques, loudspeaker technology, interface and converter technology, hearing safety and in-ear monitoring, recording techniques, mixing, remixing, mastering and much more.

Leading manufacturers such as SADiE and Adam Audio Speakers will join the discussion along with a surprise VIP guest speaker. 

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