Lili del Sol le Canta a Latinoamérica – Concert

Presented by:  Berklee alumni
Where: Matisse Club - Campoamor, 60. 46022 Valencia, Spain
When: Friday September 14, 2018, 11 p.m. (local time)
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Registration: Tickets required

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On Friday, September 14th, Lili del Sol Atehortua M.M.’17 will be playing at Matisse Club (Calle Campoamor 60) at 23h. It will be a very special night since all the musicians that are playing with her are all alumni from Berklee's campus in Valencia. In addition, the artist will share the stage with a traditional musician from the Pacific Region of Colombia.

Lili del Sol is a Colombian artist with special interest for the musical origins of Latin America, the merge of rhythms, and the research of new sounds. Voice, harp, and "vihuela" are the base of her music, which is complemented with instruments such as the "cajón", the "capachos", and more typical percussion from Colombia, together with the bass. With all these instruments, Lili achieves a powerful connection of sounds which reflect the vibes of her origins and the new sounds.

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