La Nit de Berklee – Commencement Concert 2018

Presented by:  Berklee's campus in Valencia and City of Arts and Sciences
Where: Av. del Professor López Piñero, 7, 46013 València
When: Saturday July 7, 2018, 10 p.m. (local time)
Event link:
How to Attend: Free entrance, first-comes first-served

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Berklee's campus in Valencia's class of 2018 will graduate on Monday, July 9. To celebrate this milestone, students from all four master’s degree programs at Berklee’s campus in Valencia will put on a special concert on Saturday, July 7 that will take place on a floating stage opposite the Hemisféric, in collaboration with the City of Arts and Sciences.

The show is open to all the public free of cost as Berklee's campus in Valencia invites the entire city to proudly celebrate the work by the 2018 graduating students. This year will also have composer and guitar legend, Al Di Meola, performing as a special guest, as well as more than 100 musicians members of the Federation of Musical Societies of the Valencia Region (FSMCV) in celebration of its 50th-anniversary.

The theme for this year’s edition of the Berklee Valencia annual Commencement Concert #LaNitdeBerklee will be "Band of Travelers", in recognition of the diverse band of fellow travelers that our students have formed during their time at Berklee Valencia.

"Sometimes we find ourselves on the train of life
with a band of travelers that is there by chance.
From very different starting points,
and probably, with very different final destinations,
for a few stops, we get to share the journey
with a band of travelers that becomes our family,
perhaps for a little while, sometimes for a lifetime."
- Pablo Munguía.

Ana Krstajic (Live Score)
Chris Weigers (Eastern Africa)
Eddie Takumi (Rock)
Erella Atlan (French & Israeli)
Eva Villalba Elena (Latin)
Josh Harris (Jazz Ballad)
Josh Wallace (Reggae)
Korina Davis (American Folk)
Leslie Helpert (Old School Jazz)
Lily Gagnon (Acoustic Duet)
Nan Macmillan (Americana)
Na Young Joo (Electronica)
Nehir Akansu (Traditional Iranian)
Sarah Martinson (Jazz Pop)
Sergio Martín (Colombian Fusion Instrumental)
Sylvie Leys (Contemporary Sax/Marimba Duet)

*Program subject to change in any of the platforms where it is promoted.