La Nit de Berklee 2021-07-03 | Berklee Valencia Campus
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Fall 2021 Update

Berklee Valencia will continue its classes this fall through a hybrid academic model for Graduate and Undergraduate programs. For updated information, please visit the Fall 2021 Frequently Asked Questions section. All updates on the COVID-19 are on our Public Safety Alerts page.


Virtual Events

La Nit de Berklee

When: Saturday July 3, 2021, 5:00 p.m (local time)

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On Saturday, July 3 at 5:00 p.m., we will celebrate the class of 2021 in our annual commencement concert, La Nit de Berklee. This extraordinary farewell concert represents the culmination of a year of work, learning, and achievements.

La Nit de Berklee is an event where graduate students from more than 25 countries showcase their talents through a concert that welcomes all musical genres and takes place on a floating stage at the City of Arts and Sciences. This year’s concert is not open to the public; it will be livestreamed on Berklee Valencia’s social media channels. 

La Nit de Berklee 2021 will embody the spirit of the term “hybridity”: a mixing of the different elements that are a part of our everyday lives, from the various influences that form Spanish music and culture, to the current technologies that blend the old with the new, to a teaching modality that has become omnipresent due to COVID-19. 

Our world is based on the ability to change and adapt. As humans, we do this through collaboration and shared experiences, both of which have allowed us to thrive in good and difficult times, and to overcome challenges.

In choosing this theme, we want to celebrate this coming together of people, experiences, technologies, and ideas, and to imagine what will evolve from the experience we have lived as an educational community, and as a world community, over the past year.