La Colectiva Corazón + Ji-Unit feat. TreG 2015-07-04 | Berklee Valencia Campus
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La Colectiva Corazón + Ji-Unit feat. TreG

Presented by:  Berklee students
Where: Loco Club - Calle Erudito Orellana, 12, 46008, Valencia
When: Saturday July 4, 2015, 23:00h (local time)
How to Attend: Tickets 6€. Includes 1 cocktail.

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JI-Unit is: One Korean. One destiny. Chica. Men. They play, they dance, they feast. Funk they play. Dough they make. They don't know the temperature of the rain.

La Colectiva Corazón is a band that gathers the essence and heart of Latin America in a musical genre called Cumbia Fusion.

Join them both for their special show Do it all night! (Just dance!) on July the 4th at Loco Club.