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Kilómetro Cero: Música y Comida Local

Presented by:  Berklee Valencia Students
Where: La Escuela de Ruzafa - Calle Denia 32, 46006 Valencia
When: Sunday May 20, 2018, 12 p.m. - 8 p.m. (local time)
Event link:
How to Attend: Free event open to the public

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Kilómetro Cero is an event that aims to bring together artists, farmers and residents of Valencia to promote consuming local and to connect music with sustainable and ecological activities. The event will take place on May 20th at La Escuela de Ruzafa to try the good taste and quality of local products, from the garden to the table, from those who make them by hand and at their origin, also known as "kilometer zero".

Kilómetro Cero at La Escuela de Ruzafa will have a variety of local products that will offer a tasting trip through their selection of fruits and vegetables, cheeses, organic jams and other types of cosmetics of daily use totally ecological - responsible. It will include various stands in the musical eco-market, each with a specialty or level of expertise. From stands where attendees will exchange a few words with their farmers, to a panel space animated by sustainability professionals, or a debate area where people share arguments and knowledge, attendees should expect various types of personnel and collective interactions.

Invest in the local economy, promote initiatives of eco-associations in Valencia and count on the collaboration of people and entities that share the same ideology, that is, act in accordance with the ecological damage generated by globalization.

Join the event with your family and friends to enjoy the ecological that Valencia has to offer.

This initiative is framed in the Culminating Experience project from Global Entertainment and Music Business graduate program's students Benjamin Pirog and Antoine Jaeger.
João Bouhid and Eva Villalba, students in the Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration) graduate program.

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