Presented by:  Graduate Student
Where: Partida Mar, 54, 46120
When: Saturday April 29, 2017, 8 p.m.
Event link:
How to Attend: Ticket needed

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The Music Production, Technology, and Innovation student, Matthew McIntyre, is organizing Imaginarium, an event taking place the April 29th at 8 p.m. in a farm nearby Valencia city. Different students from the Music Production, Technology, and Innovation program will participate on it and will present their Culminating Experience's projects. During all the night there will be music and projection art.

Tickets available:

  • 8€ presale
  • 10€ at the door with Berklee ID
  • 15€ without Berklee ID


Music by:

  • Encanti (Professir Ben Cantil)
  • Holly (Producer from Portugal)
  • Onai (Paul Daniel & Naseem Silver-Hajo)
  • Uncle Ricky (Erik Lindberg)
  • Oseya (AJ Ramírez)
  • DJ ELL (Elliott Sabbagh)
  • Tetrafyre (Matt McIntyre)
  • Achaziyah (Brenton)
  • Kontejas (Tejas Gorti)
  • Last Night (Henry Rater)
  • GeS (Greg Sommerville)

Visuals by:

  • John Forsythe
  • Matt McIntyre
  • Koray Onat
  • Dave Abrams
  • Satyam Sangwan
  • Dimitri Carabas