Game Developers Conference China 2014-10-20 | Berklee Valencia Campus
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Game Developers Conference China

Where: Shanghai International Convention Centre (Shanghai, China)
When: Monday October 20, 2014, 14:50h local time
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Ben Houge, member of the Music Production, Technology and Innovation faculty, will be attending the Game Developers Conference in China and giving a presentation on Optimizing Audio for Mobile Development.

In this session, Ben will discuss audio development for mobile deployment and compare different strategies for minimizing audio's data footprint, including editing, compression, and implementation techniques, with audio examples allowing developers to hear the difference between solutions. He will examine approaches to real-time manipulation of sounds, which can effectively create new variations without requiring additional audio data, enhancing the sense of immersion and realism in games. The session will include an overview of how digital audio works, and he will finish by discussing tools, pipelines, and middleware to streamline audio workflow on a mobile project.