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Fly on the Wall

Presented by:  ONEILL
Where: Espai D, Centre del Carme Museum, Valencia, Spain
When: Friday May 31, 2019, 6:00 p.m. – Saturday, June 1 (all day - local time)

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Current Music Production, Technology, and Innovation student, Erin Ragonese, showcases her culminating experience project, Fly on the Wall, at the Centre del Carme Museum in Valencia, Spain, as part of a two day installation.  

Fly on the Wall is an intimate and interactive audiovisual experience that explores how listeners connect to the narrative of music.

The installation is broken into three scenes that correlate to the structural theory of French scenes and play analysis.

Scene one is the point of attack—why and where the narrative begins. Scene two is the climax—the height of conflict for the narrator. Scene three is the denouement—the resolution of conflict and forward progression. These three themes are depicted as identity of self, death versus growth, and control through possibility.