Eclipse by Night & Day | Berklee Valencia Campus



Eclipse by Night & Day

Presented by:  Berklee graduate students
Where: MYA and L'Umbracle, City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia
When: Friday May 29, 2015, 1AM (local time) - Friday May 30, 5PM - 9.30PM
How to Attend: Tickets 10€

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The students from the global entertainment and music business graduate program present Eclipse by Night & Day, an electronic music festival as a part of their Live Practicum class.

Day one: Eclipse by Night
Friday night, May 29th starting at 1am - Show at MYA
Nacho Marco (Valencia) (Berklee Profesor)
Kyodai (Berlin)
Decatree (Berklee trio)

Day two: Eclipse by Day
Saturday, May 30th at Umbracle starting at 17h00 until 21h30.
A day party focused on the electronic music scene in Valencia in collaboration with Valencian musicians, dancers, promoters and sponsors.
Some Berklee students will also be performing and presenting their Culminating Experience projects to the community.