Presented by:  Berklee Valencia
Where: Las Naves; Carrer de Joan Verdeguer, 16, 46024 València
When: Friday March 29, 2019
Event link:
How to Attend: Free event open to the public (until the venue is full). No tickets necessary.

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DISCOVER-i is a concert series based on the collaboration between students from our four different graduate programs, as well as our undergraduate student community. These concerts are always based on a theme, and this year our theme is: “That Could Be Us”

We are living in what the iChing would call “interesting times”. We may find ourselves frustrated at how our skills, artistic and musical are having an impact on our immediate environment, society and the world at large.

We invite you to consider in what ways we can repurpose ourselves, our instruments, our music, our art, our anger, our frustrations, our pain, into forces of good.

Imagine a day soon when all the ways in which our art, music, and passions are effectively making a positive change in the world. Let’s look at individuals and organizations that have transformed themselves from forces of destruction or negativity into forces of good.

Imagine that someday, that could be us.


  • Morsifire led by Andrew Seely
  • Alex Maes
  • Women’s Power led by Eve Matin and Raquel Sánchez
  • Within led by Jason Faust
  • RAX led by Alex Rapp
  • Cinco Chicos led by Patrick Cleland
  • OR1G1N led by Alexjandria Edwards
  • Night Owl led by Celestine Manno
  • Autumn Jones

Discover-i poster has been illustrated by local Valencian illustrator Victoria Ripalda Tamame.

For more information about Discover-i, click here.