Discover: Ahora | Berklee Valencia Campus



Discover: Ahora

Presented by:  Berklee and Festival de les Arts
Where: City of Arts and Sciences
When: Saturday June 10, 2017, 7 p.m. (local time)
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The Discover Series is an annual four-part concert series brought to you by Berklee College of Music’s Valencia campus. Featuring the artistry and talents of students in the contemporary performance master's degree program, the series showcases students’ individual artistic identities. Chosen by audition and invitation, The Discover Series highlights students’ artistic discovery and development during their year in Valencia. The concert is produced and curated by contemporary performance master's program director Casey Driessen with the aim of submerging the audience into the exploration process the students experience on their journey to their own vision of music.

In this occasion, Discover: Ahora will take place within Festival de les Arts on June 10!! The line up will be as follows:

  • Matthew Struthers - Big City Blues
  • Emmanuel Linois - Les Nattes du Chauve
  • Kevin Reierson - If You’re In Love
  • Devin Malloy - You’re Not Alone
  • Polina Zizak - Where It Goes
  • Michael Bester - Until I See You
  • Caleb Gore - Nowhere to Run
  • Johann Audiffren - Focus
  • Steve Umculo - Emancipate