DISCOVER: 3 2016-03-04 | Berklee Valencia Campus
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Presented by:  Berklee College of Music
Where: Aula Magistral, Palau de les Arts, Valencia
When: Friday March 4, 2016, 20 h (local time)
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The Discover Series is an annual four-part concert series brought to you by Berklee College of Music’s Valencia campus. Its third concert will be taking place on March 04, and will feature Berklee students who will explore a variety of musical styles.

Featuring the artistry and talents of students in the contemporary performance master's program, the series showcases students’ individual artistic identities, highlighting their artistic discovery and development during their year in Valencia.

DISCOVER: 3 has been conceived as a platform where musicians from diverse backgrounds can share their artistry in a dynamic and real world setting, showcase their personal voice as an artist, and develop various elements of their performance such as stage presence and audience interaction to create a unique sound and atmosphere.

The concert is produced and curated by contemporary performance master's program director Casey Driessen with the aim of submerging the audience into the exploration process the students experience on their journey to their own vision of music.

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