Dimorphic: An Immersive Cognitive Exploration | Berklee Valencia Campus


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Dimorphic: An Immersive Cognitive Exploration

Presented by:  Berklee's campus in Valencia and City of Arts and Sciences
Where: Sala de Proyecciones del Hemisfèric
When: Saturday July 8, 2017, 10 a.m. (local time)

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We are happy to announce Dimorphic, an activity open to Berklee community members and the general public as part of Música en Abierto program for 2017, led by Berklee in collaboration with City of Arts and Sciences.

This piece is an exploration of the dimorphism within the human mind, with special attention paid to both the pitfalls and the astounding capabilities of our brains. We have the unique and extremely advantageous capacity to hone our attention, apply logical reasoning, store and recall memories, experience emotions, and empathize. But how do these faculties worth together to constitute our perception?

In words of Matt McIntyre, Berklee graduate student and father of this concept, "Artistically, this project seeks to explore the psychology of human self-perception in a digital age, with special attention paid to the dysmorphic ways we stray from our natural states to seek the approval of others. I hope to do this by using the magic of video projection to transform the inside of El Hemisférico into a giant eyeball, or lens, to look out of. The gargantuan eye will give us vignettes of human perception, exploring the differences between how we see ourselves and how others see us. By looking through various lenses at ourselves, and finding new perspectives from which to view human consciousness, we can peek past the veneers we have created for ourselves, and paint a broader, more realistic picture of what constitutes an individual. Personally, I find my self spending a lot of energy making sure that the inward view I have of myself matches both my outward behavior, and my online persona. I want to dig deep into these themes, to explore the natural dichotomy between our inner thoughts/desires and our outward behavior."

How do we process information? How are memories stored and recalled? How can a sound be so strongly tied to an emotion? Why do certain tastes make you think of home?

These are the questions that Matt wants  to explore together with the audience.

Enveloping visuals and 3D sound create an immersive, inward experience that invites the viewer to explore him / herself in a new way; to hopefully gain new insight into the workings of their own mind.

Join us on this unique, immersive audio-visual experience! Information on how to attend will be published soon.