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David Minguillón Cuarteto

Presented by:  UBIK Cafe
Where: C/Leterato Azorin 13, Ruzafa, Valencia.
When: Sunday November 1, 2015, 13:30 hrs (local time)

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David Minguillón was born in Tenerife on October 6th, 1983. He became passionate about music at a young age and, after playing the piano for a few years, he picked up his first guitar at the age of 17.

David recorded his first CD called “Mei” (as a tribute to his grandfather) supported by the Canary Island Government and Balcón del Valle, based on own compositions and with the collaboration of great musicians like Jose Pedro Pérez, Kike Perdomo, Jairo Cabrera, Felu Morales and Audun Waage. In Tenerife at that time he was part of projects like The Clave Brothers (lead by Natanael Ramos), Big Band AM (directed by Kike Perdomo/Julian Díaz), Dúo Brasil with Pedro Netto, etc.

He has performed on many stages over Europe and North Africa like: Les Recontres méditerranéennes de la guitare (Morocco), Spanish Embassy in Paris (France), Jazz Maastricht (Nederland), Maastricht University (Nederland), Theater La Bonbonniére with Zyryab and Special Guest Jeronimo Maya. (Nederland) Badcuyp (Nederland), Aachen (Germany), Muze (Belgium), Festival Internacional de Cine de Tenerife (FIMUCITÉ, Spain), “VII Festival Jóvenes Promesas de Arona” (where he won the first price performing one of his own compositions, Spain), Contemporary Dance Festival “Canarios Dentro y Fuera” (Spain), IV Festival de la Guitarra de la Laguna (Spain) sharing poster with Stanley Jordan and Torsten de Winkel, Auditorium Adán Martín (Spain), Bimbache jazz y Raices (Spain) among many others.

The Band:

Harmonica: Jackson Albert
Bass: Chris Attwell
Batería: Gustavo Hernandez
Guitar: David Minguillón