David Minguillón at Zircó Jazz | Berklee Valencia Campus



David Minguillón at Zircó Jazz

Presented by:  Zircó Jazz
Where: Joaquin Novarro, 11 - 46017, Valencia, Spain.
When: Thursday February 25, 2016, 20:45 hrs (local time)
Event link: zirco.es/
How to Attend: Ticketed Event

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On the 25th of February, David Minguillón and his band will performa a beautiful repertoire of original compositions from his last album - 'Puerto del Mar', at Zircó Jazz. The songs will have diverse influences ranging from jazz, flamenco, and some latin tunes by Victor Mendoza.

Band Members:
David Minguillón - Guitar
Baptiste Bailly - Piano
Mariano Steimberg - Drums
Ales Cesarini - Double Bass

Special Guests: 
Victor Mendoza - Vibraphone
Vanesa Diaz - Voice