Chromesthesia: The Planetarium Show at l’Hemisfèric

Where: Sala de proyecciones de l'Hemisfèric
When: Wednesday June 9, 2021, 9:30 p.m (local time)
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Imagine music in colors. Every instrument, every chord has a color and a texture. 

In early June this year, the Hemisfèric, Valencia's own planetarium, will host Chromesthesia, a one-of-a-kind conceptual concert based on an immersive experience aimed at making the audience see what it is like to hear colors. 

Chromesthetic artist ARAE, a 23-year old French trap-pop performer, will perform her multicoloured songs while visuals reflecting her perception are projected onto the planetarium’s 360° IMAX screens. Each song will display a specific range of shades and textures according to what the singer sees when listening to her music.

This show is an unusual chance to feel music as a multisensory experience and to be fully enveloped by ARAE's distinctive, vibrant universe. The show’s name refers to the much-researched neurological condition that makes a person experience sound as color, shape, or movement. 

A self-described “pop music vigilante,” ARAE writes music on societal issues such as climate change and mental health in order to raise awareness on these topics. She hopes to inspire people to become their best selves.

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