Berklee Valencia Singers – Xmas Carols City Tour 2017-12-03 | Berklee Valencia Campus
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Berklee Valencia Singers – Xmas Carols City Tour

Presented by:  Berklee Valencia Singers
Where: Valencia (city tour)
When: Sunday December 3, 2017, 5:45 p.m. (local time)
How to Attend: Free event open to the public

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Berklee Valencia students' choir Berklee Valencia Singers will liven up the streets of Valencia with a Xmas carols repertoire on Sunday 3rd of December.

This elite choral group is composed of singers from 18 different countries and 4 different continents! They aim to promote universal love and global harmony through studying, mastering, and sharing excellent choral music of various styles and from different time periods, showing the world how a common love of music binds us and rises above our differences.

Caroling Schedule:

  • 17:45 - Meet at Mercat Colon
  • 18:00 - 18:10 - Sing at Mercat Colon
  • 18:10 - 18:20 - Walk to Colon Metro Station
  • 18:20 - 18:30 - Sing at Colon Metro Station
  • 18:30 - 18:40 - Walk to Museu Marques de dos Aguas
  • 18:40 - 18:50 - Sing at Museu Marques de dos Aguas
  • 18:50 - 18:55 - Walk to Plaza de la Reina
  • 18:55 - 19:05 - Sing at Plaza de la Reina
  • 19:05 - 19:10 - Walk to Plaza Redonda
  • 19:10 - 19:20 - Sing at Plaza Redonda
  • 19:20 - 19:30 - Walk to Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • 19:30 - 19:40 - Sing at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • 19:40 - 19:50 - Walk to Estacion Norte
  • 19:50 - 20:00 - Sing at Estacion Norte
  • 20:00 - Coffee/Hot Chocolate/Pastries at Granadier

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