Berklee a Les Arts: Por el Mar | Berklee Valencia Campus



Berklee a Les Arts: Por el Mar

Where: Aula Magistral, Les Arts
When: Friday October 22, 2021, 7:30 p.m. (local time)
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On Friday, October 22, at 7:30 p.m., Berklee a les Arts presents Por el Mar at the Aula Magistral of Les Arts. 

Por el Mar is a tribute to the ocean and its living creatures, drawn from the mesmerizing and melancholy references of the sea in the music of fado singer Dulce Pontes, who will be performing at Les Arts on October 23.

The ocean is not only a treasure of life, but also a treasure of inspiration. With this show, Berklee Valencia students and faculty members aim to reconnect with the ocean, the music, and art it has inspired; raise our awareness of the multiple challenges it faces; and understand how we can create positive change.

Berklee a les Arts is a collaboration between Palau de les Arts and Berklee College of Music that offers the audience new meeting points for music and other artistic disciplines related to the pieces performed at Les Arts. 

Tickets are required to enter the venue, and will be available online starting on Monday, October 18, at 10:00 a.m. by clicking here.

While attending the concert, please remember to follow the guidelines below to keep a safe environment:

  • Capacity will be limited. Attendees must arrive at least 20 minutes in advance and proceed directly to their seats. 
  • There will be temperature checks before entering the venue. 
  • Enter and leave in a staggered fashion, and follow the staff’s instructions.
  • Wash your hands with the hand sanitizer available at the entrance.
  • Use a face-covering mask at all times
  • To the extent possible, do not leave your seat at any time.
  • Eating or drinking any type of food or beverage inside the venue is not allowed. 
  • Access to the elevators and bathrooms will be limited.
  • For everyone's safety, follow these rules closely.