Berklee a Les Arts: Mediterráneas

Where: Aula Magistral, Palau de Les Arts
When: Friday December 4, 2020

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On Friday, December 4 at 7:00 p.m., Berklee a les Arts presents our tribute to the Opera
la Cenerentola with the show Berklee a les Arts: Mediterráneas at Aula Magistral.

Mediterráneas, la bontà in trionfo is a reflection of ourselves within the characters of the Cinderella story, exploring the doubt, the loss of childhood, and the obsession with love, and how we find hope within the uncertainty of our own worlds.

Berklee a les Arts is a collaboration between Palau de les Arts and Berklee College of Music with the purpose of offering the audience new meeting points for music and other artistic disciplines related to the pieces performed at les Arts. 

Tickets are available here. They will be required to enter the venue.
Program available in Spanish here.

Any changes will be communicated through the event page and Berklee Valencia’s social media channels. 

While attending the concert, please remember to follow the guidelines below to keep a safe environment:

  • Capacity will be limited. Attendees must arrive at least 20 minutes in advance and proceed directly to their seats. 
  • There will be temperature checks before entering the venue. 
  • Enter and leave in a staggered fashion, and follow the staff’s instructions.
  • Keep an interpersonal distance of one and a half meters at all times.
  • Wash your hands with the hand sanitizer available at the entrance.
  • Use a face-covering mask at all times, including while you are sitting during the performance.
  • Keep a safe interpersonal distance once inside the venue.
  • To the extent possible, do not leave your seat during the intermission. It will last about five minutes.
  • Eating or drinking any type of food or beverage inside the venue is not allowed.
  • Access to the elevators and bathrooms will be limited.
  • At the end of the concert, attendees will leave in sections, following the staff’s instructions.

For everyone's safety, follow these rules closely.