Berklee a Les Arts: DISCOVER-i

Where: Teatro Martín i Soler, Les Arts— Avenida del Profesor López Piñero, 1, 46013 Valencia
When: Saturday November 30, 2019, 7 p.m (local time)
How to Attend: Admission is free until seating is complete. 

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On November 30, Berklee will bring DISCOVER-i to Auditorium Martin y Soler at Les Arts.

DISCOVER-i is a concert series based on a collaboration among students from our four graduate programs as well as our undergraduate student community. It will feature outstanding performers whose innovative techniques and creative presentations, along with their high production standards, bring you moving, memorable musical experiences.  

For the first time, this performance will be included within the Berklee a Les Arts program, linking its theme to the Italian opera Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi, which will be presented at Les Arts on December 2. 

Admission is free until seating is complete.