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Be Maker Fest

Presented by:  Be Maker Fest
Where: MuVIM, Calle Guillén de Castro 8, 46022 Valencia
When: Friday November 13, 2015
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Be Maker Fest is a weekend of free activities for all ages organized by the Valencian maker community where creativity, innovation, and knowledge is shared and promoted. It is a movement that has popularised the use of prototype in all professional fields to recreate and validate ideas, and prioritizes DIWO (Do it with others) against the DIY (Do it yourself).

Programmers, designers, artisans and crafters makers meet in two days of activities in which free they are invited to test techniques, methodologies and tools. There are also organized roundtables and conferences that discuss business models, the crafter culture and the role of technology in the classroom.

Students from Berklee College of Music's Valencia Campus will have a booth where they will showcase their projects; and will also be performing at the event.

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