Asindown Inclusive Concert

Where: Club Gastronómico Galileo Galilei
When: Thursday May 2, 2019

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On the occasion of its 30 anniversary, we  would like to invite you to the first inclusive concert with the Asindown Foundation on May 2 at 7:30pm .

During the concert, we will have the opportunity to meet 7 Asindown members, between the ages of 12 and 25, who will be performing together with our own Berklee Valencia students in an inclusive concert that will take place at the Galileo Galilei "Club Gastronómico"

Join us in an unique opportunity to showcase the talent of both, Asindown members and Berklee students, and how music creates strong links, boosting social relationships.

The cost of the tickets is € 3, including one drink. Tickets can be purchased at the venue, all proceeds will go to Asindown for the development of their ongoing projects.