Aperitivo: Berklee DJs Showcase With Audiovisuals 2017-06-11 | Berklee Valencia Campus
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Aperitivo: Berklee DJs Showcase With Audiovisuals

Where: La Rambleta
When: Sunday June 11, 2017, 4 p.m.
Event link: http://www.larambleta.com/eventos/ver/aperitivo-showcase-de-berklee-dj-sets--videoinstalaciones
Registration: Free entrance

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Music Produciton, Technology, and Innovation students will present for the very first time a serie of audiovisual works and DJs sets under the supervision and direction of Berklee teachers Nacho Marco and Pierce Warnecke.

The DJs sets will take place in La Rambleta's terrace, and the audiovisual expositions will be in the rooms.

Works from the students Daniel Kleffmann and Hasan Gomez, together with some short videos and works from the local artist, Edu Comelles, and the teacher Warnecke, will be presented.