Amsterdam Dance Event 2014 | Berklee Valencia Campus


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Amsterdam Dance Event 2014

Where: Felix Meritis (F5 Interface Magazine Room) | Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam
When: Saturday October 18, 2014, 12:00h local time
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Stephen Webber, Program Director of the Master in Music Production, Technology and Innovation, will be attending the Amsterdam Dance Event to give a talk on The Art of Listening Like a Producer.

The opening workshop of ADE Next in the Interface Magazine Room hosted by Stephen Webber, will focus on ‘knowing how to listen’. The session will examine the sorts of professional-level listening skills that are essential for everyone involved in the music industry, with the best producers, artists, managers, musicians, A&R / label professionals, and music journalists all benefiting from being able to listen objectively.

Despite its importance, this remains one of the least cultivated and under-valued foundational skills, but some of Stephen's former students have used these concepts to top the pop and dance charts.