After-Work: Jazz and Classical Concert at Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía

When: Thursday March 2, 2023

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On Thursday, March 2 at 7:30 p.m, at the Auditorio Sony in Madrid, Berklee Valencia will join the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía in its after-work concert series featuring “Jazz and Classical,” a performance that will gather students from both schools and will combine classical music with jazz in a relaxed environment. 

This concert will be the culmination of a musical collaboration in which students from very different backgrounds have come together to celebrate the diversity of culture and music. It will show us that music is a universal language that unites us, allows us to share and learn about the multicultural richness of other countries, and helps us understand each other.

Tickets are €18 online. Find more information here.