Accreditation Visit in Valencia 2018-06-06 | Berklee Valencia Campus
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Accreditation Visit in Valencia

Presented by:  Agencia Valenciana D’Avaluacio I Prospectiva (AVAP)
Where: Berklee's campus in Valencia
When: Wednesday June 6, 2018, All day
How to Attend: Event not open to the general public.

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The Agencia Valenciana D’Avaluació I Prospectiva (AVAP), the Valencia accreditation agency, will be visiting Berklee's campus in Valencia on Wednesday, June 6 and Thursday, June 7 to conduct an accreditation review.

The accreditors will be examining the Master of Music in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation.

The accreditation team comprises three academic experts, who will focus on different areas such as Quality Assurance, Academic Services, Student Affairs, Facilities, and Resources. The committee will also talk to a range of students and staff about the college's work.

Berklee invites all faculty, students, and staff to participate.
This event is not open to the general public.

To learn more about the Accreditation Process for our programs, visit the "Berklee Valencia Accreditation and Disclosures page here".

For more information, please contact: