Innovation: ¡En Vivo! | Berklee Valencia Campus

Innovation: ¡En Vivo!

The Berklee Valencia community comes together in the spirit of innovation to present an electrifying multisensory program of music, visuals, dance, and more. Featuring students and faculty from every program on campus, Innovation: ¡En Vivo! pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in a concert setting.

Started in the spring of 2013, Innovation: ¡En Vivo! is now held each semester, featuring students and faculty from all disciplines and cultures. Musicians and artists from the master’s degree programs, as well as the undergraduate study abroad community, come together to put on an extraordinary show challenging all sensory possibilities. Innovation: ¡En Vivo! is designed to expand the skills and capabilities of students by pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved.

Innovation: ¡En Vivo! has become a staple in the Berklee community, embracing the spirit of innovation, technology, and musicianship, and we look forward to prospective students joining in this illuminating Berklee multimedia concert experience.

For more information on the dates and location of these concerts, please check out our concerts and events.

Past Editions