Discover Series

A concert series featuring the artistry and talents of students in the Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration) master’s degree program.

Discover is an annual four-part concert series brought to you by Berklee’s campus in Valencia conceived as a platform where musicians from diverse backgrounds could share their individual artistic identities in a dynamic and real-world setting, and develop various elements of their performance such as stage presence and audience interaction to create a unique sound and atmosphere, with the ultimate aim to highlight their discovery and development during their year in Valencia.

Chosen by audition and invitation, this series of concerts was curated by program director Casey Driessen and featured performances of two different varieties with the aim of submerging the audience into the exploration process that the students experience on their journey to their own vision of music.


This category included Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration) graduate students performing in groups focused on a specific style, genre, or concept. These ensembles were led by faculty with expertise in that particular area, performing alongside their students. Participation in the ensembles was a required part of this graduate program's curriculum. The particular choice of the ensemble was determined by the student and faculty together, and was based upon the student's desire to hone their skills in a certain area or explore something completely new.

Individual Artistry

This category comprised Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration) graduate students and student-led groups that merit extra attention to showcase the creativity, ingenuity, and originality developed during their time in Valencia.

The final concert of the year in the Discover Series announced a theme, which was interpreted by the students—either on their own or within their ensembles—in their own voice through their music and other media if they so choose.

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Past Editions

Other Initiatives