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A Memorable evening featuring outstanding performances by students from our four graduate programs and undergraduate student communities.


The DISCOVER-i concert series arose from the merging of two remarkable Berklee Valencia initiatives: DISCOVER, the concert series that lets you uncover the best new performing talent at Berklee, and Innovation: En Vivo!, the concert series that allows you to experience the future of music, now. Today, DISCOVER-i and Innovation: En Vivo! continue to live-on as separate, current initiative on our campus.

DISCOVER-i is a concert series based on the collaboration between students from our four different graduate programs; Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration); Music Production, Technology, and Innovation; Global Entertainment and Music Business; and Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games, as well as the undergraduate community from our First Year Abroad and Berklee Study Abroad programs.

DISCOVER-i will feature outstanding performers with innovative techniques and creative presentations, always with the highest production standards, to bring you the most moving and memorable musical experiences. 

DISCOVER-i Concerts are always based on a theme, and students are encouraged to submit applications which reflect that theme. The diverse origins, specialties, and stylistic backgrounds of our students create memorable evenings filled with the highest level of musical, visual, and production quality.

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