Berklee Launches First-Year Study Abroad Program | Berklee Valencia Campus

Berklee Launches First-Year Study Abroad Program

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Undergraduate Students Can Begin Degree Studies on Valencia, Spain Campus

In fall 2017, Berklee undergraduate students will have an opportunity to begin their education on the college’s international campus in Valencia, Spain via the newly launched First-Year Study Abroad program. Up until now, all entering undergraduate students have begun their education at the college’s flagship United States campus in Boston, Massachusetts.

While immersing themselves in one of Spain’s most important musical regions—the vibrant, culturally rich Mediterranean city of Valencia—students can seize opportunities to study in an intimate academic setting featuring dedicated faculty whom they can connect with in meaningful ways. In addition, Berklee’s Valencia campus offers programs and services that emphasize the global music industry and international career paths.

"Everything about my experience was memorable," says Zach Rosten, who studied at the Valencia campus through Berklee Study Abroad for a semester in 2015. "It's about getting to immerse into an entirely different culture; the freedom and possibility of exploring other countries on the weekends; the smaller community of Berklee students; the facilities; and, of course, the weather."

Students in the First-Year Abroad program will complete the same core curriculum taken by entering students on the Boston campus, featuring courses in arranging, ear training, harmony, composition, ensemble and private instruction, and music technology. Students will also enjoy access to the Spain campus’ state-of-the-art recording studios, technology labs, and classrooms.


“Students come to Berklee because they are passionate about music and creativity, and seeking expert guidance to help them realize their dreams of becoming artists and innovators,” says María Martínez Iturriaga, executive director of Berklee’s campus in Valencia. “Just as in their entering year at Berklee’s Boston campus, the First-Year Abroad program will develop their musicianship and engage them in a coherent liberal arts curriculum that will inform their thinking. At the same time, the First-Year Abroad program will provide a life-changing international experience to those who are especially curious about the world around them.”

Upon completion of their first-year studies in Valencia, students will transfer to the Boston campus to continue in their declared major. They'll also have the ability to choose from Berklee's wide range of undergraduate academic options, including minor programs of study or dual majors.

Students who have spent a semester in the Berklee Study Abroad program often talk about the bonds they build with other students in the close-knit Valencia environment. For some, joining a smaller first-year group can enhance the college transition process. Another advantage for undergraduates who spend time in Valencia is the chance to meet and interact with Berklee graduate students enrolled in one of the campus' four master's degree programs.

"Being in an environment in which we were able to collaborate with graduate students was incredibly enriching," says Nicole Kwan, who was in the 2014 Berklee Study Abroad program. "They were such kind, experienced students who had so much drive to learn and do more. Being surrounded by that energy inspired a more efficient and passionate work ethic for me and my fellow undergraduates."

For potential students, the process for applying to Berklee’s undergraduate program is the same regardless of where you would like to spend your first year of college. You can select the First-Year Study Abroad program in the “Opt-in Programs” section of your application at

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