Berklee in Valencia Celebrates the Berklee Talent at MIDEM, Cannes | Berklee Valencia Campus
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Berklee in Valencia Celebrates the Berklee Talent at MIDEM, Cannes


The Berklee party at Morrison's Irish Pub in Cannes celebrated all the Berklee talent at MIDEM.

The place was already packed with invited attendees, but the audience kept growing as people walking along heard the music from outside. The concert started with a performance by recent Berklee graduate Julia Easterlin, who played a 45-minute set with just her own voice and a loop station. The astounding performance showcased the great talent and creativity of this up-and-coming artist.

Easterlin was followed by a Mediterranean Music Institute ensemble directed by Javier Limón, which enchanted the public with flamenco sung by Tamara Escudero and played by inspiring Berklee in Valencia students, with Berklee alumna Ariadna Castellanos on piano. The set started with Limón on guitar and Escudero singing, and the momentum grew as each musician was added, ending with seven musicians celebrating flamenco and Latin music together on the same stage.

The evening ended with the Zoe Rahman Trio playing energetic contemporary jazz and contagious good vibes. The rhythm, melodies, and presence of all three members was mesmerizing, and Rahman had the public eating from the palm of her hand—or, rather, from the tips of her fingers—as she took us on a voyage with her piano.